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Jiading Ancient Gingko Park

Add:Xiaohekou, Jiading Town

Tel:021-3954 2386


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This park was constructed to protect 10 ancient gingko trees at Xiaohekou area of Jiading District.

These are around 200 years old and 20 meters tall, and stand in an area of about 600 square meters.

When autumn arrives, these trees turn yellow very quickly, like an ancient emperor suddenly putting on his dragon robe. It's a rare and impressive scene in the city.

In Anting Town also in Jiading District there's another ancient gingko park.

While there is only one gingko in the park, at 1,200 years old it is the oldest tree in Shanghai.

And it's certainly worth a visit to see this venerable gingko - Shanghai's No. 1 tree - adorned in its autumn splendor.

Admission: Free