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The Humsuit

Add:201 Shaanxi Rd N.

Tel:021-6247 8858


In the early part of the 20th century, Shanghai was not only renowned as the place for cutting-edge ladies' fashion. The city was also at the forefront of revolutionizing Chinese menswear, ushering the change from gowns to modern suits - in both Chinese and Western styles.

The Humsuit, another upscale store from this era, features high-end suits, overcoats, shirts and accessories for men. The store, recently recognized as a China time-honored brand by the Ministry of Commerce, was founded in 1929.

The cost of a woolen suit featuring personalized design and high-quality material ranges from 3,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan at The Humsuit.

Before a suit is deemed ready, customers are asked to try on the near finished garment while tailors measure them up again and compensate for any flaws.

The Humsuit stresses that the total look is important and that accessories set the tone: shirts, ties, socks, shoes, belts, cufflinks and tie clip complete the look.

The shop says its experienced staff ensure customers end up with a perfect garment with personalized accessories.