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Jiangxi Wuyuan Easy Kitchen

Add:1006 Longming Rd

Tel:021-3417 3817


Cuisine: Jiangxi

Ambience: Casual. Located on a street famous for high-end restaurants in Minhang District, it's decorated in the style of Wuyuan Town in the province's northeast. The fertile area is known for its golden rapeseed flowers every spring. The color scheme is typical of Jiangxi restaurants, red and yellow, implying spicy and umami dishes.

Who to invite: Friends and family

Pros: A wide range of soups, including mushroom, black-bone chicken, pork ribs, Chinese yam and many others. Service is fast, since soups have already been simmered for a long time.

Cons: Crowded in rush hours. Wait staff were a bit careless and indifferent on our visit. We had to ask several times to order.

Recommended: Spicy boiled bullfrog is really big and spicy, served on large platters so diners can share. The meat is tender and thoroughly spicy. Steamed fu zhu (腐竹), dried bean curd with chicken soup is soothing after the hot bullfrog. Cooked for hours in chicken soup, the curd and chicken are umami to perfection.

Spicy chicken feet cooked in a stone pot is another signature dish, cooked with lots of red chilies, onions and ginger. The longer it's cooked, the spicier it gets. This is a real sweat-producing dish, but on our visit it didn't contain enough chicken feet.

Don't order: The fungus simmered soup, though recommended, only contains one kind of common mushroom. It's not the combination of fungus diners expect.

Drinks: Tea and beer are cooling after a meal of hot chilies. Other alcohol is also available.

Cost: 70 yuan per person