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Jia Chun Qiu Folk Simmered Soup

Add:468 Dongchang Rd

Tel:021-5840 2960


Cuisine: Jiangxi

Ambience: Casual. Tables a little shabby. There's a big clay vat at the front door. Crowded on weekends.

Who to invite: Friends to hang out with

Pros: Many dishes are salty and spicy, favored by those who like heavy taste. Soup comes and large and small portions.

Cons: Many dishes are very salty. Noisy, slow service.

Recommended: Pork rib soup with slicked lotus root has a balance of fat and freshness. It's not greasy.

Don't order: Three-cup chicken doesn't contain enough chicken. Fried eggplant is cooked in too much flour and is too oily, at least on our visit.

Drinks: Tea and alcoholic beverages.

Cost: 60 yuan per person