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Shan Jian Tang Folk Simmered Soup

Add:197 Guangyuan Rd W.

Tel:021-6407 1980


Cuisine: Jiangxi

Ambience: Casual with private rooms to serve parties. Decor is tasteful with hardwood tables and soft lighting. It has many chain restaurants in the most popular shopping centers and are often busy, even when it's not rush hour.

Who to invite: Friends, dates, families for reunions and events.

Pros: Some Shanghai dishes and other non-spicy dishes are served - for some people that's a "con," but it's good if a group contains "spicy" and "non-spicy" eaters. And there's free parking.

Cons: It's crowded and service sometimes cannot catch up with the volume. Long lines during rush hours and long waits for orders. As the chain expands, portions are getting smaller.

Recommended: Pig's feet soup simmered with soybeans melts in the mouth and it's so popular that the daily supply is limited. Juicy eggplant is stuffed with pork and seasoned with broth. The eggplant is served in metal foil on an iron plate to keep it warm and steaming. Sugar cake, an authentic Jiangxi dessert, is made of glutinous rice, deep fried, and covered with sugar to make it completely white.

Don't order: There are local dishes and Cantonese-style snacks. If you want the real thing, skip them.

Drinks: A cup of tea or fresh juice. Beer and other alcohol are available too.

Cost: 80 yuan per person