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CZECHOMOR Live in Shanghai

Date:April 23th, 2015



Add:308,Chongqing Rd.S



CZECHOMOR Live in Shanghai
Imagine a Czech band doing to Bohemian and Moravian wedding dances and folk music what The Pogues did to traditional Irish music and you're some way toward understanding the appeal of Czechomor.

The band augment rock instrumentation such as guitar and drums (but no bass) with more traditional instruments such as mandolin, accordion and Czech bagpipes, breathing raucous new life into timeless tunes.

Founded in 1988 as First Bohemian & Moravian Independent Music Society, the band quickly developed a large following, counting former President Václav Havel as a fan.

In 1993 the group even played in the foyer of London's Royal Albert Hall as part of a Czech music festival but it wasn't until 2001's collaboration with Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman, Proměny (Transformations), that the band hit the mainstream, by now equipped with a far less unwieldy name.

Proměny (Changes) sold 70,000 copies in the Czech and Slovak Republics and picked up a slew of awards.

Czechomor's profile soared even higher in 2002 when they starred in Petr Zelenka's film Rok d'ábla (Year of the Devil). Thanks in part to the band's theatrical background, Czechomor easily avoided the pitfalls that trap most rock stars who dabble in cinema and the film was a massive critical success. Among other honors, Rok d'ábla won the top prize at 2002's Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Crystal Globe.

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