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I Am Somebody

Date:From July 3, 2015


College graduate Wan Guopeng leaves his hometown in northeast China and goes to the fi lm studio in southeast China’s Hengdian in Zhejiang Province to chase his dream of becoming an actor.

There he gets to know young people just like him, encounters many diffi culties along the way and learns to overcome these obstacles. Directed by Hong Kong’s Derek Yee, the film which stars unknown actors, chronicles the trials and tribulations of extras, or supporting actors, working in the world’s largest film studio.

Starring: Wan Guopeng, Jiang Tao and Zhang Xilai


Where to watch:

Yonghua Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/19/

Wanda Cinemas http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/17420/

Shanghai Film Art Center http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/21/

Stellar Cinema City http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/22/

Peace Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/20/

Cathay Theater http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/2228/

Grand Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/2295/

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