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The Crossing: Part 2

Date:From July 31, 2015


Set in wartime 1940s, the disaster film will have both 3D and IMAX 3D versions. Director John Woo depicts the true historic sinking tragedy of the steamer Taiping  in the movie. Different from the first installment, Part 2 will focus on
the romance and relationships of the characters while the disaster takes place.

Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming and Takeshi Kaneshiro 


Where to watch:

Yonghua Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/19/

Wanda Cinemas http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/17420/

Shanghai Film Art Center http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/21/

Stellar Cinema City http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/22/

Peace Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/20/

Cathay Theater http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/2228/

Grand Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/2295/

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