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On The Top Of The World

Date:July 15


Tickets:Free entry

Add:M50, Room 105, Building 6, No.5, Mo Gan Shan Rd



On July 15th,  start from 20:00, Our MIS project are proud to announce that we UNDEF/NE cooperate with The Intercultural Performance Studio - IPS to present their an Off-Stage multimedia corporeal play [On The Top Of The World] . And good news! We will present plays like this on a regular basis. There is no stage, no distance and no boundaries. That day is also Alex’s birthday, so we are going to throwing a birthday party for him (and he knows it). Feel free to come, feel, drink, and chill on a beautiful summer night. Free entry and enjoy the fish and chips as well!!!


It is based on multimedia technology, a combination of sound, image or subtitles with corporeal performance. The performance experiments with the use of multimedia and expressive movement as an alternative and cohesive theatrical language. Creating an imaginary space for everyone, no requirements and limits, everyone is allowed to feel. It could be anything you could think of.

Join Henry Norman as he hurtles through his own brain. It  is  soaking up inputs from English society. Corporeal movement represents his body, multimedia represents the output society. Through the creative and central use of subtitling, piece is an attempt to create an English-language performance which is accessible to speakers of other languages. The play serves as an exploration of the cultural values embedded in his own group: that of white, English, middle class men; some of the most privileged people in the entire world. What does he think he knows? What does he not know? What is he ashamed of?

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