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Date:Every Saturday and Sunday, from August 29 to September 20


Tickets:0 yuan

Add:1605,Nanjing Rd W.


A brand new exhilarant, with the name of  "HARDcANDY RUSH" will take Shanghai by storm on the 29th of August. With  its sphere of influence yet to be determined, the effect is forecasted  to last up to a month.

Anticipated symptoms of "HARDcANDY RUSH" are:  craving for group activities, mind clashes, brainstorms, and sudden  climbing in creativity; other potential side effects are rise in  motivation, curiosity and focus…Yup!


What to expect during a periodic HARDcANDY RUSH attack?

Severely afflicted area - Shanghai INSHOP will be bombarded by colors ammos, peculiar hangings and installations

Over 50 pop-up stores from Shanghai and other parts of the world will take over the space one after another starting Aug.29

Numero us of mysterious designers and artists will claim their turfs by setting up workshops and DIY sessions

To pnotch DJs and musicians will carry out their  brainwash and universal energy shifting sessions with EDM, techno and  other instrumentals

Dailygames of adult “scavenger hunt”, real-life challenges and other competitions towin goodies

The space will become the Mecca of COSPLAY maniacs high on HARDcANDY RUSH

Portablecafes and ice-cream trucks appearing outta nowhere to meet your need for sugar

Tattoo artists, arcade games, erotica magazines on standby to distract and entice the“boyfriend” creatures

Daydream sessions that involve ongoing broadcast of cultvideos

Watch out daily for Jing'an temple area around 10.00pm, unless you are looking to get high on creativity with us!


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