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Date:Sep 9th to Sep 13th

Time:12am-6pm for Sep 9th-Sep 11th;10am-6pm for Sep 12th-Sep 13th

Tickets:40-60 yuan

Add:2555,Longteng Avenue



The 2015 WEST BUND ART & DESIGN FAIR will be held in the week from the 8th - 13th of September at the West Bund Art Centre. This unique exhibition will showcase finest  artwork provided by selected collectors and artists from all over the  world.  This year, the West Bund Art Centre has selected 34 of the most  outstanding galleries & design institutions to present the main  concept “The Meaning and Impact of Art and Design in our Lives”. This  concept will be therefore housing Asia's greatest art & design  exchange platform, offering an exciting environment for art galleries,  designers, collectors, potential buyers and art lovers to provide a new  visual and interactive experience.

For the concept realization, the creative media platform UNDEF/NE has been invited by the main organizer &  curator, the well-known contemporary Chinese artist Zhou Tiehai, to  collaborate with West Bund Art & Design Fair as their partner and  curator for the interactive 600㎡ design area, to present【TURN THE PAGE  Interactive Design Project】. In order to emphasize the concept’s message, they will also be issuing an exclusive design booklet:【TURN THE  PAGE - A Guide Through Shanghai's Smartest Locations 2015】.

UNDEF/NE is designing the interior of a 600 ㎡ glass  house, customized and laid out in order to open an interactive design  area, with the theme【TURN THE PAGE】merging literature and design as a breakthrough.  This is also a study of the relation between people and daily items,  exploring how the shape and color of a table, a chair, a lamp or even a  paper clip can stimulate your desire of slowing down and reading a book.  At the same time, they are providing a space with interactive design and  installations to create a multi-dimensional reading experience.  UNDEF/NE is inviting the audience to participate and create their own content and  would like to catch your very own opinion on the impact of design on  modern lives. They also intend to create awareness towards the meaning of  reading.

 UNDEF/NE has been working with the 【Creative Interactive Space Designer Su Xiaomeng】 and the 【Creative Interactive Team – Machinist】 on this project to offer you a fun space full of surprises. Furthermore, 10 different design teams have been invited to present you a bunch of creative stuff:【BOOCUP】 - design & lifestyle books; 【BANANAFISH BOOKS】 - zines & books; 【IPLUSO】 - design accessories; 【DUTCH DESIGN WORKSPACE】 - creative furniture/household;  【WAKE UP】- premium quality bikes; 【BODY MEMORY】- creative products designed by Zhou Yi; 【ZOWOO】- original woodwork; 【EASY ART】- products with easy artsy ideas. 【BeauTea】- organic health tea, 【VAN COLLECTION】 simple permanent furniture.

For this project, UNDEF/NE will also present the earlier mentioned 【TURN THE  PAGE - A Guide Through Shanghai's Smartest Locations 2015】, showing 30 exclusive public locations with great design concept in town. This special booklet is edited and designed by UNDEF/NE, produced together with West Bund Art and Design Fair. They will be given out for free at【 2015 WEST BUND ART & DESIGN FAIR 】and at the 30 mentioned spaces. Last but not least, UNDEF/NE is going to launch a one-month online campaign leading the talented audience to be participated in. Please stay tuned for more information!


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