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Marie madeleine

Date:Sat Sept 24th



Add:20 DongHu Rd 7/F



Marie Madeleine worships Holly shroud to take a ride with all her influences. She is Donna Summer’s mum, Bauhaus’ forsaken child and Johnny Cash’s mistress. The last EP called No Apologies is bringing the last piece to her dirty trinity. This time Marie Madeleine dig through the 90’s and let us to dive into a scenery that is lustful, acid and decadent. The EP opens with Sex and Tears which show us a last sensual night with Lily Pejon. A last night which ends in tears. The two lovers prefer to listen to their minds rather than their feelings. They end up with broken hearts

Then, Love Suicide describes a depressed and disenchanted love. Jarco and Clara Luciani (La Femme) question themselves about the consequences of a deadly love. No Apologies for the weak, let them die. As on the first 2 Eps, No Apologies will come with 3 remixes sometimes dark, sometimes dancefloor.

Here ends the first chapter of the story of Marie Madeleine. This sweet and mystic triptych has established Marie Madeleine as an unformatted band.37.pic_hd.jpg

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