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Stories Behind Flying Lotus Layer 3 Stage

Date:Nov 26

Time:9pm till late

Tickets:200 yuan


Add:179 Yichang Rd



Los Angeles-based psychedelic composer Flying Lotus released You're Dead! last year and to help bring the concept to life, he enlisted fellow Angeleno visual artists Strangeloop and Timeboy to construct a Layer 3 for the listening experience. The event felt like walking through FlyLo's brain.Words won't do the experience justice, you'll have to watch the video below.


"We wanted to make an experience that was labyrinthian," Strangeloop explained to us. "It was as much about f-----g with people, a little bit, as it was about creating a cohesive experience…that people could explore." "[It was] Like a funhouse that FlyLo wanted us to create," added Timeboy, "He was interested in the idea of creating a maze or labyrinth."
The album itself showcases FlyLo's ability to pull from a wide palette. Kendrick Lamar raps over a Jazz Messengers-style hard bop drum rhythm (with nimble, speedy bass licks from Thundercat). Elsewhere, Snoop Dogg blesses "Dead Man's Tetris" alongside FlyLo's rapping alter ego, Captain Murphy. And jazz giant, living legend, Miles Davis piano man, et al., Herbie Hancock adds his touch to "Tesla" and "Moment of Hesitation," while singer/trusted FlyLo collaborator Niki Randa descends from the heavens with her otherworldly vocals on three cuts: "Coronus," "Siren Song," and "The Beyond."

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