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'Mr Six'

Date:From December 24, 2015


The drama film directed by Guan Hu revolves around Mr Six, a 50-something-year-old street punk who has reigned over the Beijing streets as the neighborhood kingpin for many years. One day, when his mischievous son causes a dispute against a much younger drag-racing street gang leader, he steps up to help defend him. Mr Six then discovers that the younger generation of gang members have already named this drag racer as his successor, and he no longer holds any ground in the street scene.

Starring: Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu and Wu Yifan

Release date: December 24


Where to watch:

Yonghua Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/19/

Wanda Cinemas http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/17420/

Shanghai Film Art Center http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/21/

Stellar Cinema City http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/22/

Peace Cinema http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/20/

Cathay Theater http://www.idealshanghai.com/venues/2228/

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