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“Now or Never: The Time Code” 2015 New Year’s Eve Party Extravaganza

Date:Dec 31,2015

Time:8pm till late

Tickets:480-980 yuan

Add:West Bund Art Center of Shanghai,2555 Longteng Ave




The Party continues this New Year’s Eve with more electronic dance music to move your body all night long.  Once again A2LiVE has risen the bar this year with Budweiser STORM in both Shenzhen and Shanghai, and Corona Sunsets in Shanghai.  Both of these festivals drew roughly 100,000 crazed festival goers to this dance Movement. Now the organizers and founders of Budweiser STORM Electronic Music Festival present China's first New Year’s Eve Dance Music Extravaganza, “Now or Never: The Time Code” in Shanghai. Top DJs, a huge warehouse, world-class production, a custom stage, world class lighting and everything else you could possibly ask for to ring in the new year. For those of you that don’t know what time it is, it’s NOW OR NEVER!


NOW OR NEVER, introducing.... THE TIME CODE

After the STORM mother ship left planet Earth, a small device was left behind. Unbeknownst to mankind, this device held the secret message of our history, our future, our experiences, and our aspirations. This device, if left inactivated, would release a deadly airborne virus that would wipe out mankind and all living creations on Earth. If activated, humans will enter a new phase of evolution allowing mankind to transcend into a Category I Civilization, one where mankind can wield powers over their own planet. The device chip was embedded within the skull base of a dog, named Nephilim. And on that device chip is a time code that must be scanned by a female reading machine exactly at 2015:12:31:23:59:59:59.  It is now left to mankind to search, discover, and break the code to our future... or, there could be no future at all.


In order to ensure a better future, we must all meet at West Bund Art Center of Shanghai from 20:00 on Dec 31st 2015 for the final count down of this year.  The collective energy will be focused on cracking the time code, activating the chip and bringing life as we know it into a new era of evolution, into the New Year 2016. 


Top 100 DJ ZEDD is coming to Shanghai for your NYE countdown


Headlining the evening of this epic saga, heavy hitting Dance music legend DJ Zedd, will excite the audience with wave after wave of his electro hits.

Zedd has become a true world class DJ picking up all kinds of awards including Grammy for "Best Dance Recording," as well as remixing for Skrillex, Black-eyed Peas, and other artists. This dance music powerhouse is lighting up Shanghai on the 31st and taking us into the New Year with a bang.


NOW OR NEVER will bring as well House DJ superstar from Sweden, Otto Knows, German DJ Styline who`s been spinning around the globe for years now, Budweiser-Storm featured DJ OM, and new Chinese DJ star, 19-year-old DJ Giorgio Carta, who crushed the show at 2015 Budweiser STORM Festival and continues to blow crowds away across China.


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