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「reol」will bring her HighFidelity to Shanghai

Date:Jan 9,2016

Time:5 pm

Tickets:280-580 yuan

Add:308 Chongqing Rd.S

重庆南路308号3楼MAO Livehouse


Reol (れをる) is an utaite who has a cute yet strong voice that is sometimes described as shota. She frequently autotunes her voice so that it fits electronic songs well, while it gives songs of other genres an interesting touch.

She is also able to sing in a low voice, clearly seen on her covers of "Jabberwocky・Jabberwocka"Nv and "Jitter Doll"Nv. Her lower vocals seem to have somewhat of a nasal quality to them.

Her first cover was "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl"Nv in June of 2012, which was remarkably popular, and has over 168K views as of May 2015. Her most popular work is "+♂"Nv, which has over 1 million views as of May 2015. It was also a collaboration song withGigaP in which she wrote the lyrics. She uploaded her cover at the same time as GigaP uploaded the Kagamine Len version. They had been frequent collaborators on many songs before that and still continue to work together, as not only songwriter and lyricist, but also as singer and mixer.

She often collaborates with kradness as their voices compliment each other very well. Also, their relationship seems to be quite close as seen on their conversations on Twitter.


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