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Cosmic performance features ancient religious dancing

Date:May 18-19, 2016


Tickets:280-880 yuan

Add:Shanghai Culture Square, 597 Fuxing Rd M.



U-Theater will bring their performance “Beyond Time” to Shanghai in May, investigating the relationship between men and the universe. In a tangible way, it explains how the insignificant self that searches for mankind’s mysterious power transcends the constraints of intellectual thinking to return to the unknown of the moment.

Beyond time.jpg
In this performance, sacred dance movement, originally from ancient religious dance discovered by Armenian thinker George Gurdjieff, is featured. The dance encodes certain meanings, such as the movement of the planets in the solar system. Instead of traditional drum playing, the performers carry the drums on their backs and use their bodies to convey the sounds, creating rhythm with physical tempo. 

Through the use of projection and mirrored floors, the whole performance takes place on a threedimensional and multi-layered stage. Light is projected to create a contrast between substance and void, bringing the audience and performers to enter a universe of time and space.

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