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Date:Mar 12 - April 4

Time:10:30am - 18:30pm

Add:Rm 105, Bld 6, No 50, Mo Gan Shan Rd,



UNDEF/NE invite you to the exhibition opening 「 PICTURESQUE 」to discover the world of the young Iranian architect Nasim Sehat.


UNDEF/NE is proud to announce Nasim 's participation in their monthly creative project #MADE IN SHANGHAI#. The opening will take place on Saturday the 12th of March, from 14:00 to 18:00. 17 selected pieces from Nasim's illustrations "Doodle Doodle"  as well as her conceptual design work will be exhibited at the opening. The exhibition will last until the 12th of April. In collaboration with Wardrobe K, UNDEF/NE will present a live fashion show and a style competition.


NASIM SEHAT, architect and conceptual designer, used to work in multiple architectural firms in Teheran, Barcelona and Shanghai. Nasim's workpieces have an irregular sculptural sense, similar to the Frank Gehry-style deconstruction. She is also involved in multiple design, photography, illustration fields and won several design awards. Now she is exploring the far east confusion, strangeness and beauty of Shanghai.

[ Opening Highlights ]

- Fashion Show

UNDEF/NE will cooperate with Hong Kong muti-label fashion showroom "Wardrobe K", to present one of their brand "5 Preview", as wella common tailored to Biz Eyes Fashion Show. Unlike traditional fashion shows, 6  cool models will wear 14 sets of the latest spring and summer series to show you Nasim's 3D eye wear collection "Biz Eyes".

- Style Competition
Put on your coolest outfit, and be the craziest style. Nasim will personally give a unique pair of Biz Eyes to the most stylish participator.


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