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Pia-no-jaC is back to Shanghai

Date:April 23

Time:8:30 pm

Tickets:160-300 yuan

Add:308 Chongqing Rd.S

重庆南路308号3楼MAO Livehouse


The famous Janpanese Hybrid-Instrumental duo is coming back to Shanghai soon after their debut in “Simply Life 2015” last year in town.


HAYATO (Piano) and HIRO (Cajon) got together to form the instrumental unit →Pia-no-jaC← more than a decade ago.  The arrows are intended to have people read the word “Piano” from left to right and “Cajon” from right to left. That is how you have “→Pia-no-jaC←”, meaning the piano and the cajon jacking a concert.

In spite of being a simple formation, thanks to the energetic piano and the very unique performance of the cajon, →Pia-no-jaC← has an overwhelming power and thrill which captivates the public at every and each performance.

Their music is neither classical nor jazz, as it can be defined “hybrid instrumental”.

In September 2008, they released the 1st Album [First Contact] and in five years they released 10 original albums, one best of and one single.

Thanks to their original sound they got the attention of big artists and companies that led to various collaborations and compilations with Disney, Square Enix, Sakamoto Ryuichi and Joe Hisaishi, participation in the tribute album for the 10th anniversary of PE’Z, the 100th anniversary of Chopin and many others.

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