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Crested Ibis brought to the stage

Date:April 30-May 1, 2016


Tickets:80-580 yuan

Phone:021-5292 0164

Add:Majestic Theater,66 Jiangning Rd



With its red face and pink and orange wings, the crested ibis has long been appreciated throughout East Asia for its beautiful appearance.

crested Ibises.jpg
The bird itself though has not been so lucky. Starting in the early 20th century, urbanization across the region has pushed the species to the brink of extinction.

The striking bird and its harrowing story are the subject of a dance drama entitled “Crested Ibises,” which is coming to  Shanghai Majestic Theater on April 30. The touring show, presented by Shanghai Dance Theater, was performed in 19 cities across Japan over the summer.

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