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YiHung aka dj @pple is coming to Shanghai

Date:April 30th

Time:10pm till late

Add:1 Wulumuqi Rd, Near Hengshan Rd



With 15 years of experience and still counting, DJ @pple continues to fervently dedicate his life and his music to the entire global community. On April 30th, he will come to Dope Shifu to meet his fans in Shanghai. Originally from Taiwan, DJ @pple is very well known for his superior ability at remixing and revving up the crowd.


DJ @pple also has much experience performing with other world renowned DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Wink Adam Freeland and many more. British Techno master, Carl Cox praised DJ @pple as being the most skilled DJ in Asia.

DJ @pple is a zealous supporter of outdoor parties, as well. Throughout the entirety of Taiwan, he has left a considerable mark on the party going scene. Starting from the new millennium onwards, DJ @pple’s reputation has quickly spread across all of the major cities in Asia. He has received nothing but rave reviews for his performances in Bali, Tokyo, Bangkok and Beijing.


DJ @pple also has a firm grasp on a number of genres such as House, TechHouse and Techno; techno being his specialty. Using his own interesting mix of eclectic sounds, he weaves an enthralling as well an enjoyable experience for the listener.

DJ @pple’s scope and expertise is now bigger and better than ever! Not only does he tingle his audience’s auditory senses with his fluid and captivating music, but also their visual ones. He uses an exciting array of visual effects to make the musical experience that much more enjoyable. His talents have earned him the title of the being the number one DVDJ (Digital Visual Disk Jockey) in Asia.

DJ @pple’s mentality and ultimate goal in terms of his work is to make the partying experience as thrilling and entertaining as a Hollywood film. He says, “In the past, most DJ’s just wanted their music to tell a story and bring some enjoyment to the people listening; but now, it’s time to step it up a notch; make the experience entertaining. I want my music to shock and reverberate; to be just as engrossing as an action movie!”

In 2013, DJ @pple brought his passion for music, experience and expertise to Shanghai. He hopes to be a big part of the movement that introduces China to the thrilling experience of party culture! 


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