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Valérie Belin: Meta-clichés

Date:Jul 2-Aug 24

Tickets:35 yuan

Add:2555-1 Longteng Avenue


“Valérie Belin: Meta- clichés” is the artist’s first exhibition in China and is part of the Croisements Festival, the annual celebration of French culture in China. 

Valérie Belin, a French artist, explores the materiality of matter, primarily using the human form and its manmade and virtual representations. a central theme of her work is the boundary between reality and illusion. in approach, Belin makes deft use of light, detail, texture and color. She works in series, and a form of “photography” that requires skills at digital manipulation as well as sensitivity to the physical material used for the final work itself. The individual pieces are never simple reproductions. 

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