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MUSE: Zhang Haier

Date:Through October 29, 2017

Time:10am-5:30pm(Closed on Mondays)

Tickets:40 yuan

Phone:021-6428 9516

Add:Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP),2555-1 Longteng Avenue



One of China’s most experienced and progressive photographers, Zhang Hai’er, launches a solo photo exhibition at the Shanghai Center of Photography from September 6. 

“MUSE” refers as much to place as to a single person or series of individuals: as much to Guangzhou as to Paris, as to his wife of 35 years, hu Yuanli, as to the myriad personalities upon which he has turned his camera since the late 1980s. 



The photographs selected for “muse” explore their experiments with portraiture: the male photographer celebrating the female figure, her femininity. And this captures the natural allure of the subject.

Through 35 years, Zhang has explored women and other forms of feminine identity. 

These works share a common assertion of self, with a force of emotion that alternates between joy, pain, delight and sorrow. Zhang’s work speaks of real people in their natural state.

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