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Antony Gormley: Still Moving

Date:Through November 26, 2017


Tickets:100 yuan


Add:Long Museum (West Bund),3398 Longteng Avenue



Famous english sculptor Antony Gormley holds an exhibition this month titled “Still moving” at the Long museum, which interacts with the unique architecture there to create a test site for both the work and the viewer.

The exhibition will introduce the major themes that have concerned Gormley over the last 40 years: body as space and space as object. Gormley is widely acclaimed for his sculptures, installations and public artworks that investigate the relationship of the human body to space. His work has developed the potential opened up by sculpture since the 1960s through a critical engagement with both his own body and those of others in a way that confronts fundamental questions of where humans stand in relation to nature and the cosmos.

Drawing has always been the core of the artist’s work and this exhibition will include a selection of work on paper from 1981 to 2016. The drawings and prints chart intimate movements of the hand and impressions of the body that result from an interaction between the behavior of materials and intuition. The works possess an immediacy, range and intensity that are the result of immersion in time and substance. The exhibition also includes spatial works that attempt to create instruments of proprioception — the sense of one’s own body.

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