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Dumbshow “Lebensraum”

Date:December 13-December 17, 2017

Time:7:30pm; 9:30pm

Add:Majestic Theater


Swedish director Jakop ahlbom’s famous dumbshow “Lebensraum” will be on stage at Majestic Theater next month.

The award-winning director is famous for his creative visual effects.

Ahlbom was inspired by Buster Keaton’s comedy “The Scarecrow,”about a farmhand competing with a rival for the love of the farmer’s daughter.

With exaggerated make-up, formal black-and-white suits and stage decorations in a cold tones,“Lebensraum” will take audiences back to the days of silent movies.

In this surreal play, ahlbom poseses deep questions for the audience.

In this world he created, “is there any boundary between people?” “Is there any in the real world?” “If you find the boundary and step over it,what will happen?”


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